A few thoughts about creators...

In November 2016, I started a conversation in the arts on this podcast.  All the themes that you hear in these episodes: creativity, entrepreneurship, freedom of expression, and a healthy contempt for the status quo are indeed universal.  These themes are true for filmmakers, musicians, authors, artists, social entrepreneurs and content creators not just in the United States, but all around the world. 

This podcast is for all the dreamers out there who know they can do IT.  Everyone's IT is different, but the journey that we all go on has some commonalities.  We're all trying to build audiences, build businesses, and get ourselves free to work and create on our own terms.  

I hope you subscribe to the podcast, and tell a friend!  We are all fighting the same war.

-Bryan Tuk


Photo credit: Zachary Hartzell

Photo credit: Zachary Hartzell